Make your social media publishing simpler and easier using LinksAlpha apps. Below are quick download links to get you started.
 Browser Extensions
Extensions for Chrome, Firefox & Safari
LinksAlpha browser extensions enable users to easily & quickly post to their Social Networking Profiles right from their browser menu bar. Users can add their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles, and then publish content, photos and links, all from one place. These extensions also let users save drafts, schedule posts and view analytics (Likes, Tweets) on their published posts.
Ways to use them
While on web, if you find anything worth sharing with people in your network, then simply click on Post icon on the menu bar or in the context menu of the browser.
Share using browser context menu Share using browser toolbar menu
Features & Integrations
Browser extensions from LinksAlpha come with the following awesome features and websites integration that make your social sharing easier. Look out for the Post icon or the Social Post button on the integrated websites for sharing. We are sure you'll love them.

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